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2000e Remote Communications Systems

 The 2000e series can be remotely accessed with 99 percent of functionality LIVE from remote locations via Modem, Intranet, internet or over 3G networks. A list of parts and accessories need to aciehce those functions is listed below.



1109658_PCA RS2L_060717


(required to begin any remote communication)

part no. 1109658

 The RS2L option card provides an RS232 communications output for use with the WEBNode, modem, or direct connect to a computer.  This option card comes with a 9-pin DCE connector, a 25-pin DTE connector, a 25 ft phone cable, and the LRWS software package.  Includes three standoffs for mounting.


LRWS Remote window software

Used by any Windows based Pc to access system 

1268972 WEBNode




Part no. 1268972

The Lakewood Instruments WEBNode connects the 2000 series -RS2L option card to Ethernet networks using the IP protocol family and the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).  


1268976 EZWEB Wireless system





Part no. 1268976

The Lakewood Instruments EZWEB WIRELESS Internet Interface consists of a (Plug and Play) integrated HUB /Router and an EVDO Rev A (3G) wireless connection and connects up to four WEBNodes to the internet through a static IP.  It also allows a wireless WLAN connection to the internet.  The EZWEB requires a 1 year service agreement, part number 1268977.



 1169333_kit connectors and cable_060720 1166336_cable 25ft_060720


Cable and Connectors Kit

part no. 1169333

Phone cable 25 ft.

part no. 1166336

9-pin dce connector

part no. 1167764

25-pin dte connector

part no. 1167765

The phone cable and connectors kit includes the phone cable and both the 25-pin DTE connector and the 9-pin DCE connector for use with the RS2L option card.