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2000e Series Introduction and Capability


The 2000e series cooling tower controllers consist of the following models and functions:

 2000e Series Roadmap

2175e Conductivity controller

2875e Conductivity controller with eight relays

2330e ORP controller

2812e pH and conductivity controller with eight relays

2350e pH controller

2830e ORP and conductivity controller with eight relays

2412e pH and conductivity controller

2832e pH and ORP and conductivity controller with eight relays

2430e ORP and conductivity controller



All of the above are available as “controller only”, or as complete systems.  “Controller only” means that the sensors and plumbing are NOT included.


Complete systems include:


The appropriate cooling tower sensors (Conductivity, pH, and/or ORP).

The appropriate cooling tower plumbing assembly with flow switch.

Four relay outputs with drop cords. (The model 2800e series includes eight.)

Two water meter inputs.

Biocide feed capability by day and time.

Three security levels (technician, operator, and view only).

A NEMA 4X enclosure.
Multiple feed schemes (setpoint, by water meter, percent of bleed, percent of time, feed schedule, and as an alarm).

English and Spanish menus.


The following options are able to be added to all of the above controllers:


RS2L              RS232 option card.

WEBNode    IP/TCP connection device.

EZWEB          Wireless communications.

2KIN               LonWorks communications option.

35L                 Two 4-20 mA output channels.


And with the addition of the NIN option card the following options can be added:


NRLY             Relay Node with 4 additional relay outputs each. (Add up to two.  The 2800e series already includes one.)

N420I            Four channels of 4-20 mA input each.  (Add up to two.)

NDIG             Four channels of digital input each.   (Add up to two.)

NpH                pH or ORP sensor input. 

NCON            Conductivity sensor input.

                        A total of five sensor nodes can be added; 1 makeup conductivity, and any combination of 4 NpH or NCON total.


Please refer to the 2000e series Capabilities sheet below for an illustrated example.

2000e Series Network Capability