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2014 AWT Convention Post-game Newsletter (Nov)

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NexSys™ at the 2014 AWT Convention and Exposition

NexSys unit shot

The Ft. Worth Omni was a great location for this year’s event. This year, we were very busy in the booth from start to finish. Paul, Jorge and Tom want to thank all of the attendees that came to our booth for those one-on-one and hands-on demonstrations of the NexSys™. Your feedback and high praise of this remarkable platform confirmed that we have a winner. Please follow up with Paul (East), Jorge (Mexico) or Tom (West/Canada) if you have any additional questions or want to learn more about the system’s capabilities, applications or features. The NexSys™ IS the Next Generation in Reliable Controls.


As in previous years, we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the AWT support staff and show team for choosing a great venue, and supporting our efforts with their professionalism and teamwork. You always make this our favorite show!





Did you get your Color Display Adapter Kit?

adapter kit Because we care, we don’t want anyone to have to service or sell a “fully capable, top of the line control system” that does not have a color screen. The NexSys™ comes with one (or two), but we can’t magically upgrade “those other” systems with our 5.7″ touch screens. We did come up with a way you can add color to “those other” systems using the pictured kit. If you did not get one of our Color Display Adapter Kits for competing systems, contact us.

color pencils




NexSys™ Training and Demos for Your Team!

Want some in-house training on our systems and products? We provide tech service and sales training for our Water Treatment Equipment Resellers for our entire product line. Training takes 2 hours for sales only, and up to 6 hours if we include troubleshooting, installation  and programming

We don’t offer “facility specific” training, but if you are a facility manager that uses Lakewood Instruments controllers, contact your Water Treater, so that they can include you in our area training sessions.  The benefits are immediate.

Please go to our “Contact Page” and call your rep to setup in-person or online training for you and your crew.


Orders/ Shipping Shut Down for Inventory Nov 19th

 We will not be able to process orders, nor ship them, during our Factory Inventory on Nov 19,2014.

Please look closely at your acknowledgements to confirm your actual ship dates when placing orders during the week leading up to the 19th.


Pictures from the 2014 AWT Convention

Awards Dinner-The Stadium

Awards Dinner-The Stadium