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About Lakewood Instruments

Lakewood Instruments designs and manufactures the most reliable, and easy to use, Cooling Tower and Boiler Blowdown/Chemfeed controllers since 1973.


Our focus is to become a vital partner and key team player with water treatment service, and chemical providers, by meeting and exceeding their facility water treatment equipment needs. Our vast knowledge of water treatment equipment, Intra-device communication (LON, BACnet, MODbus) and applications drives our customers to return time and again.


Here at Lakewood Instruments, we take pride in our commitment to our customers from the smallest to the largest. We demonstrate this by consistently providing quality care by every employee. We Test and Fill every order quickly and accurately. Our standard lead times are the best in the industry. We use a “Partners Page” to put NEW END USERS in contact with Water Treatment companies that use our equipment regularly.


We understand and use the highest quality engineering, and testing standards to virtually eliminate warranty issues from our products.


Call Lakewood Instruments today and start realizing a REAL advantage in the industry by using the most reliable, and advanced, Cooling Tower and Boiler controllers available to support your field personnel and customer’s facilities. We are part of every program that wants to KEEP their water treatment customers.

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