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Model 140 Upgrade RMA Form

Please use this form to document your desire to return a Model 140 for a FREE upgrade of the firmware and keypad for units sold in the last 5 years (You can verify their serial numbers are between 1029420100 and 1049830291). We’ll even cover UPS Ground shipping BOTH ways in the continental USA. You don’t HAVE to have the upgrade, but if you want one, call to get an RMA number and fill out the form below.

As part of the upgrade process, we do have a limited number of exchange units, but a “Holding PO” will need to be placed AND the returning unit MUST be in serviceable (Working) order to pass the incoming qualification inspection, otherwise the PO will be charged FULL LIST PRICE for the controller.

Higher priority shipping costs are available, but those costs are not covered as part of this program.

Model 140 Upgrade

Use this form to return products for evaluation
    By checking these boxes, you acknowledge that the statements above apply to your unit. If the statements do not prove to be true upon inspection, you may be charged to rectify.
  • Company/name
  • This PO will be charged full list price ($778.00) if older exchange unit is not returned.
  • If you do not have a company Account number and will be using a Credit Card to hold the exchange unit, please call the factory to get authorization.