New Boiler Installation: Choose Your Lakewood Boiler Controller

Need a controller for a new boiler installation? Time for a refresh or upgrade? Here is an easy comparison to help you through Lakewood’s choices for Boiler applications. For boilers, we have four choices: Model 150, Model 1575e, Model 3175, and Nexys controllers. Of course, each controller can monitor conductivity and open blowdown per your setpoints. Here are other considerations:

  • Output Relays – the number of valves, pumps, or other actions the controller can manage.
  • pH – can the controller also monitor condensate pH?
  • Water Meters – how many water meters can the controller deal with?
  • Display size – what does it show you on its display?
  • Sample Hold capability – if your plumbing is prone to steam flash, you can minimize those effects with this sample hold operation.
  • Connectivity – what info can the controller share with others?
    • Model 150 – conductivity via 4-20 mA analog output
    • Model 1575e – conductivity via 4-20 mA analog output
    • Model 3175 – conductivity via 4-20 mA analog output, CSV file datalog, email/text alarm notifications
    • NexSys – all system parameters including graphs, via EZWeb Wireless or BMS integration.

Click here for our convenient PDF Selector chart summary for Boiler Controllers!