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Boiler Systems

Lakewood Instruments Boiler Systems

Industrial boilers are powered by oil, coal and gas, which turn water into steam, by heating the water source. The steam is used to power equipments, for cleaning as well as providing heat for other functions, and afterwards the steam is returned to the vessel. An open system boiler doesn’t return the used steam while a closed one re-uses the steam.

The primary concerns for Boiler system controls is to maximize efficiency and extend service life. These two factors equate to immediate and long term savings or costs. By controlling and optimizing the blowdown cycle to maintain the correct conductivity, the site reduces the chance of scale forming within the boiler and reducing transfer efficiency. Any reduction in transfer efficiency will result in higher energy costs.

Please use the following site and enter your test information: ENERGY GOV

At 94% efficiency, a 400 HP boiler system may run like this:

boiler eff 94


But a loss of 4% (or about 1/16″ of scale) will effect your operational costs like so:

boiler eff 90


In addition, without the proper chemical feed, the number of cycles for the incoming water can not be maximized, again, decreasing your efficiency and increasing water and energy usage.


Lakewood Instruments Boiler Control Systems allow the user to use various configurations for blowdown and chemical feed to produce the desired results. They do this on the most reliable and user friendly platforms in the industry.