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Condensate Controllers

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Lakewood Instruments provides feature rich and user friendly controllers for Condensate and chemical feed.

We manufacture a variety of models to meet you needs right here in the USA.


Model 1575e


Model 1520e


 540 Conductivity Sensors

  520 pH Sensors

Conductivity S   S  
pH   S   S
User configurable Relays S(4) S(4)    
Water meter inputs S(2) S(2)    
4-20mA inputs S(1) S(1)    
4-20mA outputs S(1) S(1)    
Remote Comm (Incl Web) X X    
Trace Chemical control O X    
Setpoint control S S    
Timed Feeds S S    
Sample Hold Control X X    
Scheduled Feed S S    
ETL-US/Canada Registered S S    
Standard:   S      
Optional Add On:   O      
Not Available:    X      

NOTE: the 2000Pe series can be configured to work with the process sensors and, therefore, control and monitor condensate. The6y can also integrate multiple sensors inputs across various systems (where flow registration is not required to qualify the for activation)