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(formerly called SPAD)

Part No. 1269090    5VDC 20 ft

Part No. 1269228  5 VDC 50 ft

Part No. 1269103  24VDC 20 ft

Part No. 1269229  24 VDC 50 ft

FLO-Tektor Manual 

The FLO-TEKTOR, formerly called the SPAD, is used as an alternative or as a backup to a mechanical flow switch.  It is designed to detect the operation of external equipment, such as a recirculation pump.   This allows the determination of flow based on the operation of a system pump instead of, or in addition to, the flow through a pipe.  The FLO-TEKTOR can be used with any Lakewood Instruments controller (Must specify appropriate model below.).  FLO-TEKTORs are externally mounted with no inter-connections to pumps required.  Available with 20 feet or 50 feet of cable.


FLO-TEKTOR, 5V, (Models 140, 150, 1520/30e, and 1575e)

FLO-TEKTOR, 24V, (Models 1512e and 2000 series)


1167511 DS Drum Switch 




PART NO. 1167511

 The Lakewood Instruments Drum Level Switch Can Be Used As Either A High Or A Low Level Indicator.


  • Chemical Drum Monitor
  • Waste Water Tank Level
  • Can Be Used With The 2000 Series NDIG
  • Can Be Used With The 1500 Series


  • Normally Open Or Normally Closed Contacts
  • 4 Ft Body Length 


1263221_Ph transmitter_060515 




pH/ORP Transmitter

Part no.  1269193

The pH/ORP Transmitter Converts The pH or ORP Signal From A pH or ORP Sensor To A 4-20 Ma Signal.




 1263402_ph_orp simulator_060515


pH / ORP Simulator

Part No.  1263402

 The pH / ORP Simulator Is Used To Simulate pH Or ORP Input To A Controller.  The Simulator Is Powered By A 9v Battery And Comes With A Coaxial Cable With BNC Connectors. 


1268992 EZ Service Kit 


EZ Service Kit

Part No. 1268992

 The EZ Service Kit includes: a flow sight, a float, spare fuses, o-rings, o-lube, tie wraps, spade lugs, a small screwdriver, a wire brush, a pH simulator shunt, and test terminal blocks for the 2000 and 1500 series cooling tower controllers. 




pH/ORP Preamplifier

Part no. 1167124

 The pH/ORP Preamplifier Is Used To Convert The pH/ORP Signal From A pH/ORP Sensor Into A Voltage For Use By The Following Models Of Controllers: 330-RP, 350-RP, 350S, 352, 353, 820, 830, 1020, 1400, And 1720-R.


1167230_cond preamp_060301 


Conductivity Preamplifier

Part no. 1167230

The Conductivity Preamplifier Is Used To Convert The Conductivity Signal From A Conductivity Sensor Into A Voltage For Use By The Following Models Of Controllers: 250-RP, 250-2, 260-RP, 260-2, 843, 1040, And 1400.