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Cooling Tower Systems

Lakewood Cooling Tower controls


What is a cooling tower? 

From the Cooling Tower Institute website:

“A cooling tower is a heat rejection device, which extracts waste heat to the atmosphere though the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature. Common applications for cooling towers are providing cooled water for air-conditioning, manufacturing and electric power generation. The generic term “cooling tower” is used to describe both direct (open circuit) and indirect (closed circuit) heat rejection equipment. A direct, or open-circuit cooling tower is an enclosed structure with internal means to distribute the warm water fed to it over a labyrinth-like packing or “fill.” The fill may consist of multiple, mainly vertical, wetted surfaces upon which a thin film of water spreads. An indirect, or closed circuit cooling tower involves no direct contact of the air and the fluid, usually water or a glycol mixture, being cooled. In a counter-flow cooling tower air travels upward through the fill or tube bundles, opposite to the downward motion of the water. In a cross-flow cooling tower air moves horizontally through the fill as the water moves downward. Cooling towers are also characterized by the means by which air is moved. Because evaporation consists of pure water, the concentration of dissolved minerals and other solids in circulating water will tend to increase unless some means of dissolved-solids control, such as blow-down, is provided. Some water is also lost by droplets being carried out with the exhaust air (drift).”

 Lakewood Instruments manufactures the controllers that optimize chemical and water usage using various control schemes. These control schemes allow the water treatment service provider to provide the best choice on a site by site basis and the latitude to meet and exceed his customers cost and energy reduction requirements.

There is a list of  experienced Water Treatment service providers familiar with out equipment on our PARTNERS PAGE and many have been certified through the AWT.Orgs current CWT program.Use the drop down menu from the cooling tower link on the main page to choose the method of monitoring you need and to view which Lakewood Controllers would fulfill those needs.

Use the Cooling Tower link on the main page to access the drop down menus for the controller  “type”. Once you see the method of control needed, you can follow the links to the various models that fulfill those needs.


Lakewood provides timely and accurate application and field support from our factory at 800.228.0839.