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Cooling Tower Conductivity Controllers

cooling_tower Cooling tower


Lakewood Instruments provides feature rich and user friendly controllers for Cooling Tower blowdown and chemical feed.

We manufacture a variety of models to meet you needs right here in the USA.

Feature Model 140 Model 1575e NexSys ®
Conductivity S S S (Multi-O)
User configurable Relays S(3) S(4) S(6)/O(4)
Water meter inputs S(1) S(2) S(2)/O(4)
4-20mA inputs S(1) O(8)
4-20mA outputs S(1) S(1) X
Remote Comm (Incl Web) X X S
 Color 5.7″ Touchpanel Display X X S
Trace Chemical control X O O
Setpoint control S S S
Bio-feed feature S S S
Percent of time feed feature S S S
Cycles of concentration control scheme X S S
Expanded in field with more sensors input and relays (see Nodes) X S(1) S
ETL-US/Canada Registered S S S
Standard: S
Optional Add On: O
X: Not Available

Obsolete Models for Reference:

Model 2175e Model 2875eBasic Model 2875Web