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NexSys ® Display/Project Update Software

(Consult factory before downloading).

Touchmaker Lite for system update

touchmaker lite

This Software allows the user to “upload” updates and custom Lakewood factory designed screens into the Touchscreen display. It also allows for the field entry of Emails/BACnet and screensaver data.

A local Ethernet connection via a Hub is required between the PC and the NexSys Display to upload the project using Touchmaker Lite. This REQUIRES the current NexSys Project file to alter. Contact the factory to begin the authorization process.

The NexSys® does NOT require any external software to access normal operational screens. This can be done using any HTML5 capable browser 9Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc).

Link to download TouchMakerLiteSetup



LRWS INFO (2000 Series)


Remote communication with 2000e series controllers is possible using the FREE proprietary Lakewood Remote Windows Software (LRWS 4.01).

To use that software requires a Windows operating system and the installation of some programs, in addition to the LRWS program. for Windows XP systems, you should install this software:  LRWS WEB

There are three programs that will be installed. “.NET” (a Microsoft program), CPR (Comm Port Redirector) and LRWS.

If you have Windows 7 (there are more than a few versions) you should attempt to install the LRWS WEB programs. If they do not work, then you will need to go to the site and INSTALL CPR from this link: CPR WEB INSTALL   (do not download and then  install). If not, try this link an dcall Lakewood direct : Lantronix CPR link


Afterward, create a directory on your C:\ Drive called “LWREMOTE” and then download this ZIP file to it. LRWS 4-01 . Extract it and click the execute. It is the fully installed version of LRWS expanded for use.


You can also run LRWS in an XP shell. Call the factory for instructions on setting that up.