What’s a Mini-Panel? It is a 12″ x 21″ mounting plate with convenient configurations that give you:

  • Clean Appearance – no more messy chemical rooms that are disorganized.
  • Configurable to your customers’ site – you can mix and match panels and arrange them how it makes sense for each installation.
  • Reduced Freight – since these panels are small, we can ship them to you in UPS sized boxes, just like we have done for years with controllers. No more paying pallet charges, freight rates, etc.
  • Convenient Transportation – once you have these panels, you can deliver them to your customer in the trunk of your car – isn’t that easier?
  • Easy Installation – each mini-panel has four holes at the corners for mounting – just mount to uni-strut, or a stud, or whatever the site accommodates. And since these are small panels, it’s a one-person job.  Click here for our video on installation!
  • Flexibility – you can purchase a single pump panel with 2, 3 or 4 chemical pumps installed. Similarly, you can configure an injection manifold with 2, 3 or 4 chemical injection tees, and each have a sample port and shutoff valve.

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We have sample photos here, showing just what these mini-panels can look like along with a mounted controller panel.

Lakewood Instruments Sample Installation

3 pump mini panel


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