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Model 2250e Boiler Controller




LonWorks® is the latest in microprocessor technology that gives the user the highest level of application flexibility.  A large graphic screen, multiple inputs and very easy setup, with easy field upgrade characterize this new technology.


This controller can be used in the Continuous Sample, or Sample/Cycle modes to control the boiler water conductivity.





 2250e MANUAL




  • Cycle/Sample or Continuous sample control of blowdown, configurable in the field.
  • Two water meter inputs, conductivity input with 20 ft cable, flow switch input, four relay outputs, and Power On/Off switch in a NEMA 4X enclosure are all standard features.
  • Removable power cord and receptacles for simple conduit installations.
  • Includes four relays for blowdown, chemical feed, and alarms; expandable up to 12 relay outputs.
  • Includes three security levels to prevent unauthorized programming access.
  • Includes two languages; English/Spanish are standard.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel domed numeric keypad and large illuminated graphical display allow for quick and easy programming.  Steel domed switches improve the tactile sensing and life expectancy of the keypad.




  • Accurate control of boiler conductivity.
  • Control results in fuel savings by preventing excessive blowdown
  • Prevents carryover due to excessive conductivity
  • Two water meter inputs provided for accurate chemical addition.





Inputs Controller
Power 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz ConductivityRange 500-8000 µS
Sensor Input 2 or 4 Electrode Conductivity Accuracy ± 40 µS
Conductivity Conductivity Resolution 10 µS
Temperature Comp. Selectable or Disabled Deadband Adjustable
Flow Switch Dry Contact Conductivity Setpoint Cycle/Sample or Continuous
Water Meter Inputs Two, Contact Head, Sample Time Adjustable
Paddle Wheel, or Turbine Cycle Time Adjustable
Outputs Keypad 16 Tactile Push-Button
Relays Four, 3 amps @ 120 VAC Display Illuminated 128X64 Pixel LCD
4-20 mA Two, Isolated or Non- Ambient Temperature 32-158°F (0-70°C)
Isolated w/-35L Option Enclosure Rating NEMA 4X, ETL
Sensor (SR2)
Pressure 600 psi (41.4 bar)
Max Temperature 486°F (252°C) LONWORKS is a registered trademark of Echelon Corporation
Body 316 Stainless
Electrode 416 Stainless
Connection ¾ Inch MNPT



               2250e   LonWorks Technology-based cycle sample or continuous blowdown conductivity controller.  Range is 0-8,000 µS, has HIGH/LOW alarms, water meter inputs and chemical feed relays.  Requires SR2 or SR4, below, and PL5 or PL6 is recommended.
CONTROLLER OPTIONS (optional, select one or more)
-35L      Two 4-20 mA output configurable for remote data acquisition of conductivity.
-RS2L   Communications node with LRWS program.
-NIN      Network interface node.  Allows 2 NRLY, 1 Makeup NCON, 4 sensor nodes (NpH or NCON), 2 N420I, and / or 2 NDIG to be added.
NRLY   Four additional relays with enclosure, also available with receptacles and power cord.
-PS     +24 volt power supply required for 3 or more nodes.
LANGUAGE OPTIONS (optional, choose one, English and Spanish Standard)
-EF      English and French.-EG     English and German.
SENSOR  OPTIONS (required, select one below)
SR2     Boiler water sensor with condulet, ¾ inch NPT; rated to 600 psi @ 486°F (41.4 bar @ 252°C). This sensor cannot be used after a sample cooler.
SR4     4-electrode sensor with ¾ inch NPT; rated to 250 psi @ 392°F (17.2 bar @ 374°C).
 PLUMBING (recommended, need one of the below per boiler)
PL5     Plumbing for cycle/sample assembly ½ inch (1/8 & 1/16 orifice plates and union).
PL6     Plumbing for continuous sample assembly, ½ inch (1/8 & 1/16 orifice plates & union).
PL575 Plumbing for cycle/sample assembly ¾ inch (1/8 & 1/16 orifice plates and union).
PL675 Plumbing for continuous sample assembly ¾ inch (1/8 & 1/16 orifice plates & union).
PLKT  Plumbing kit.  Continuous and sample cycle.  Orifice plates and unions, cross, tee, manual block valve.         No  piping.
GV       ½ inch forged globe valve for flow metering instead of an orifice plate and union.
NOTE:  Two GV options are required for continuous sample and one for cycle sample if the orifice plate and union are not used.
BLOWDOWN VALVE OPTIONS (optional, select one only)
MBV1  Motorized ½ inch blowdown valve rated to 400 psi @ 480°F (27.6 bar @ 249°C).
MBV2  Motorized ¾ inch blowdown valve rated to 400 psi @ 480°F (27.6 bar @ 249°C).
LRWS   Windows-based software program for computer to communicate with 2000 Series.
WEBNode IP/TCP device for use with 2000 Series controllers.
EZWeb  Wireless internet interface for use with WEBNode and 2000 Series controllers.







1168374            SR2, 2 electrode boiler sensor, conduit elbow, and 20 ft cable

1229843            SR2HD, 2-elec harsh duty sensor, conduit elbow, and 20 ft cable

1168375            SR4, 4 electrode sensor with 20 ft cable

1167295            PL5, ½ sample/cycle plumbing

1168601            PL575, ¾ sample/cycle plumbing

1167297            PL6, ½ continuous plumbing

1167296            PL675, ¾ continuous plumbing

1233981            PLKT Plumbing kit. sample/cycle and continuous sample

kit.  Includes unions, orifice plates, cross, tee, and

manual block valve only.  Does not include piping.

1167520            GV, Globe valve with Position Indicator

1269395            GV, Globe valve without Position Indicator

1268608            MBV1,  ½ inch motorized ball valve

1268614            MBV2,  ¾ inch motorized ball valve



1167162            2 electrode boiler sensor

1229841            2 electrode harsh duty  boiler sensor

1168074            4 electrode sensor (543M-STD