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Model 2450e Reverse Osmosis (RO) System Monitor




The Model 2450e uses LonWorks® Technology that is the latest in microprocessor capability, giving the user the highest level of application flexibility.  A large illuminated graphics screen, multiple inputs and very easy setup with easy field upgrades characterize this new technology. Water meters and sensors are purchased separately.

                                               2450e MANUAL


  • Uses 2-electrode or 4-electrode conductivity sensors.
  • Five (5) Count down timers
  • Uses differential pH sensor with ¾ inch MNPT
  • process connection.  pH input can also be configurable for an ORP sensor.
  • Two water meter inputs for Permeate and Concentrate flow rates
  • .RS232 output for remote monitoring, control and data acquisition (-RS2L).
  • Four (4) relays have user-selectable option
  • Includes –RTC card
  • 4-20 mA output for (-35L, select any four, two per –35L card)pH, conductivity, temperature, concentrate flow, permeate flow, percent recovery.
  • Input for CIP lockout.
  • System run timer.

FIVE (5) Count Down Timers

  • Lubrication interval
  • Check CIP
  • Check Membranes
  • Check Filters
  • Check Sensor


Four Relays (4) Relays have user-selectable options:

  • pH setpoint
  • conductivity setpoint;
  • temperature setpoint
  • permeate flow setpoint;
  • concentrate flow setpoint;
  • percent recovery setpoint;
  • various alarms.



Inputs pH Range 0-14 pH
Power 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz pH Accuracy ± 0.05 pH
Sensors 2 or 4-electrode Conductivity pH Resolution 0.01 pH
pH or ORP differential ORP Range -1000 to +1000 mV
Temperature comp. None, 500 NTC, 4K NTC ORP Accuracy ± 5 mV
CIP switch Dry contact ORP Resolution 1 mV
Water Meter Inputs Two, open collector type Deadband Adjustable
Outputs   Setpoints Direct or Reverse
Relays Four, 3 Amps @ 120 VAC Feed timer Adjustable
4-20 mA Two isolated or non- Keypad 16 tactile push-buttons
isolated w/-35L option Display Illuminated 128×64 pixel LCD
Controller Ambient Temperature 32-158°F (0-70°C)
ConductivityRange 1-1,000,000 µS Varies w/Sensor Enclosure NEMA 4X, ETL
Conductivity Accuracy ± 40 µS  
Conductivity Resolution Varies with Range LonWorks is a registered trademark of Echelon Corporation




2450e    LONWORKS Technology-based Reverse Osmosis Monitor including the Real Time Clock.  Sensors and water meters are ordered separately.

CONTROLLER OPTIONS (optional; select no more than two)
-35L       Two channels of 4-20 mA outputs.
-35L2     Two additional channels of 4-20mA outputs for a total of four 4-20 mA outputs. The 35L must be installed before adding this option.
-RS2L                Communications node with the LRWS program.
 LANGUAGE OPTIONS (optional, choose one, English and Spanish Standard)

-EF         English and French.

-EG       English and German.

520-4-7I-10-STD                    pH sensor 0-14 pH, ¾ inch NPT
530-4-7I-10                              ORP sensor, -1000- +1000 mv ¾ inch NPT
540K.01-4-10I-10-TC 500    Conductivity Sensor 1-10 µS, ¾ inch NPT
540K.1-4-10I-10-TC 500       Conductivity Sensor 10-100 µS, ¾ inch NPT
543-L-4-8I-10-STD                Conductivity Sensor 100-1000 µS, 1 inch NPT
543-M-4-8I-10-STD                Conductivity Sensor 500-100,000 µS, 1 inch NPT


1TM-NPT     1 inch turbine water meter with stainless steel pipe thread adapters.
1TM-ESW    1 inch turbine water meter with PVC solvent weld adapters.
2TM-NPT     2 inch turbine water meter with stainless steel pipe thread adapters.
2TM-ESW    2 inch turbine water meter with PVC solvent weld adapters.
49C25          25 ft cable for turbine meters.
49C50                      50 ft cable for turbine meters.
LRWS      Windows-based software program for computer to communicate with 2000 Series.
WEBNode IP/TCP device for use with 2000 series controllers.

EZWEB   Wireless internet interface for use with WEBNode and 2000 series controllers


PART NO.         Accessories

1107018            520-RO

1107021            543-M-RO

1107022            543-L-RO

1107020            540K.1-RO

1107019            540K.01-RO

3023532            1TM-NPT

1033238            1TM-ESW

3023536            2TM-NPT

1034080            2TM-ESW

1033354            49C25

1033355            49C50

1167979            LRWS, Registered Lakewood Remote Windows Software

1109658            RS2L, RS232 communications option

1109657            35L, dual channel 4-20mA output card

1222111            35L2, dual channel 4-20mA output card, second card