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To see older newsletters in PDF form, go to our Newsletter Archive (up through Jul 2013) .

Newsletters are in Blog form as well as downloadable PDF.

Model 140 Upgrade Program Announcement

Time and technology keep moving ahead.

From: Loren Salsman, VP of Operations

Date: 5-1-2018

Subject: Model 140 Upgrade

Our customers demand, and deserve, the best products we can produce. We take pride in looking at, and implementing, new ways to improve our products. Like the Model 140. It’s a workhorse. Reliable,...Read More »

Lakewood Announces PTSA Sensor and Systems Price Reduction in 2017 Catalog

PTSA Sensor and Systems Price Reduction Update

We are pleased to announce this pricing change going into August and beyond. Whether your system requires an individual PTSA sensor,  an add-on to an existing...Read More »

Announcing New Distributor and links to Building Integration Training Video We Did With AWT.ORG

Yamatho Supply new lakewood Distributor

New Distributor Channel-NY, NJ, PA, and MD

We are pleased to announce Yamatho Supply, LLC as our exclusive distributor and sales support for Cooling Tower, Boiler and process controllers for New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland. This new channel is in direct response to customers in those territories asking...Read More »

Tech Bulletin- Water Meters, Calibrating for Success and New Podcast

Water meters and those “Krazy K FaKtors”

Is my Paddle wheel or Magnetic water meter giving me the correct Signal and ratio for flow gallons/liters flowing through it?

Well, here is a test you can do in the field.

  1. You’ll need a multimeter with the “HZ” or Hertz (frequency) measurement feature (like...Read More »

Newsletter Mar 2017- Now Cooling Tower in a Box II

Cooling Tower In a Box II is HERE!

Sorry, this promotion is no longer available.

Bigger than #CoolingTowerInABoxI with over $2876 worth of equipment for a $2190 List Price!

Going to do a start-up on a small or medium sized tower? Tired of ordering the basics from four...Read More »

Newsletter: #CoolingTowerInABox! and 2017 Catalog Available

What’s Cooling Tower In a Box?

Going to do a start-up on a small or medium sized tower? Tired of ordering the basics from four different vendors with five different delivery dates? Then there is the time it takes to gather up the parts, figure out a way to...Read More »

See You at Our Booth 201 in San Diego AWT



Loren and I are excited to see all of our old friends, and make some new ones, at the AWT Annual Convention and Expo in San Diego September 7th thru 10th.

We’re right near the entry door in booth 201. Be sure you swing by the booth to see our...Read More »

March 2016 Newsletter: I'm Truckin' ALS Challenge

“I’m Truckin’ ALS Challenge”

When things are good for us, they get better for our customers, and 2016 has been very good to us.

We want to show our appreciation for all of the support our partners and friends have given us, so we’re leading the charge with the...Read More »

A Loss in the Lakewood Family

It’s with a heavy heart that we write this announcement about the passing of a beloved member of our Lakewood Family.

Sheila Salsman, wife of Chief of Operations Loren Salsman, left us on Jan 19th, 2016, after a long battle with ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s...Read More »

December 2015 Newsletter

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Another year is coming to a close. This makes 42 consecutive years we’ve proudly served the water treatment industry and the professionals that provide products and services within it. Our industry was at the forefront of water conservation and reuse, well...Read More »

Pre-Nashville AWT Show Newsletter Aug 2015

Looking forward to seeing you in NASHVILLE

for the AWT Annual Convention and Exposition , September 9-12, 2015.

This is your chance to see our products in action, ask about using them in your applications and setup visits to your company to bring your team...Read More »

February 2015 Newsletter


Using our Partners Page

Unlike some of our competitors, Lakewood Instruments does not have territory based distributors within the Continental US. This means that Water Treatment professionals and plant personal can get direct support from our factory for any questions they may have. It also...Read More »

2014 AWT Convention Post-game Newsletter (Nov)

NexSys™ at the 2014 AWT Convention and Exposition

The Ft. Worth Omni was a great location for this year’s event. This year, we were very busy in the booth from start to finish. Paul, Jorge and Tom want to thank all of the attendees that came to our booth...Read More »

Lakewood Instruments Sept 2014 Newsletter

Life After the Ice Bucket

We want to thank all of you for your continued support and interest in Sheila and Loren as they continue to live with ALS.  Sheila is still fighting.  She has worn a groove in her speech pad over some of the...Read More »

Technical: WEBNode and Partners Update from Lakewood Instruments


Technology (and the bureaucracy ) caught up with us. Our email cloud service provider changed formats, SMTP addresses and SSL style. What does that mean for you? Your email alerts have gone away. After a lot of back...Read More »

December 2013 Newsletter

PDF version of newsletter:

DEC Newsletter 2013 email version





We will see you next year.

Be ready to talk about our new NexSys Controllers!

Read More »

August/September 2013 Newsletter info

The August Newsletter was not produced. We have BIG news coming and have been working diligently to get the new products ready for the show.


Look for our next newsletter in Mid October and it will be BIG NEWS.

...Read More »