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NexSys® System

NexSys by Lakewood Instruments, LLC

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  NexSys Handout


Cooling Tower (1-2)      NexSys Boiler (1-4)

 NexSys Cooling MANUAL        NexSys Boiler MANUAL

BACnet Interface information (Read before ordering)


Interface: Touch Screen display, 5.7” diagonal viewing area.

Display Size: 115×86 mm

Pixel: 320×240

Color: TFT 65536

Backlight: LED or CCFL

Memory: 16 MB Flash, 16 MB RAM

Multiple levels of security

Screen is accessed by opening the NEMA 4X enclosure front panel.


Relay Outputs (Internal):

Six relays rated at 120VAC.  Relay ratings, 3 AMP per relay, 15 amps total

Chemical feed and additional relay programming methods, available selections

  • Feed by percent of blowdown time after blowdown
  • By Setpoint with Percent of time feature as part of spaced feed for setpoint “creep”.
  • Trace chemistry capable with user definable correction factors as part of programming.
  • By makeup totalized gallons
  • By blowdown totalized gallons
  • Percent on time
  • Scheduled feed by time and day
  • Alarm relay-User selected alarms powered output can act as individual High or low alarm for a specific sensor input.


Up to 8 active Sensor inputs (2 TWR Conductivity, 2 pH and 2 ORP, 2 MU Conductivity) can be ordered in various combinations.


Water meters- Two Water meter inputs are standard and be factory or field upgradeable for two additional (Total four) water meter inputs


Each relay shall be capable of being configured to operate with either  of the two flow (digital) input for activation or deactivation


Expansion capabilities: The unit will be factory or field upgraded. Additional expansion features include:

  • 4 Additional Fully programmable relays ( NRLY Nodes)
  • 8 Sensor inputs. Combo of Conductivity using NCON and pH or ORP Probes using NpH/ORP Nodes. Requires the purchase of additional probes/Plumbing kits.
  • 8 Additional 4-20MA inputs (2 N420I Nodes)
  • 4 Additional Digital Inputs (NDIG Node)



The NexSys® comes standard with the following system interfaces :  LON EIA 709 FTT10, BACnet IP (Read this link before ordering) and MODbus TCP (As well as Incorporate DMX outputs). The unit shall comes from the factory with all tables and outputs defined for  Information being transmitted , including:

  • The state of any installed relay (On/Off)
  • Water meter readings
  • Conductivity reading
  • Any additional sensor reading (ph, ORP)
  • Any sensor alarms
  • Any Additional 4-20mA input readings
  • Any Additional 4-20 mA output reading
  • Flow condition (and any other digital inputs)


Remote Communications:

The NexSys® controller has standard Ethernet capability through and HTML interface that allows 100% access to all features and control parameters of the controller.


The NexSys® remote access allows the user to alter, confirm and manipulate 100% of configurations.


All features, parameters, settings and functional requirements to operate, program and monitor the NexSys™ controller are accessible from the touch screen and DO NOT require the use of an external input, PC or device to operate or access. (BMS config requires use of interface program)


The NexSys® will be upgradeable to send E-service reports to a subscribed service (user to set up account with a service at their discretion).


The NexSys® displays operating values, via a color touch screen, color coded graphs for all sensor and relay operation times and readings with time and date stamps. User shall be able to manipulate graph via zoom and scroll features.



Is in qualification testing for UL and CSA Listed (ETL listing is acceptable)

NEMA 4X enclosure


Transformer power ratings of 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz.

Release date: 30 March 2014

For More Information about the NexSys® Control systems, Contact Lakewood Instruments at 800.228.0839


Screen Shots

Operator Screens for setup and System notes (user fields changeable)

Operator Screens for setup and System notes (user fields changeable)

Screens shown above:

Upper left: The main screen where you can manually operate relays and verify system readings

Upper Right: The built in calculation screen for figuring Pre Bleed for Bio feeds. (User inputs)

Lower Left: Current alarm conditions. The user can choose to be notified by email and also have the alarms logged.

Lower Right: A system notes screen where the user can leave instructions for the next person.

NexSys Touchscreen interface

Screens shown above:

Upper Left: Relay configuration screen allows operator to choose how and when relays operate and interact.

Upper Right: System choice screen for configuration and documentation.

Lower Left: Configuring a setpoint Blowdown relay. All on one screen. Tap and enter. No need to go between or use up down arrows to try and enter a number

Lower Right: Internal Manual Documentation to show how to wire and care for probes and boards.

NexSys Phone Browser Screenshots

Screens shown above:

Screens can be viewed from HTML5 capable browsers (Chrome, Firefox,etc) and Smartphones using remote access. The screen you see is the exact same screen you see at the controller. No more mucking about to find a function on a web page that is not laid out in the same menu system as the actual controller interface. (Including live graphing of features IN COLOR.