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Touch Display (LON, BACnet or Modbus)

This page is for integrators wishing to use the display only

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TOUCHLON color 5.7″

Lakewood Instruments is the US distributor of the Passtec TOUCHLON 15″/5,7″/3,5″ color provides a comfortable access to different HVAC functions for users and service staff. In this way control commands can be transmitted within Buildings, facilities, shops or homes (other examples: offices, shops, shopping centers, swimming pools and spa areas as well as in hotels, cafes, restaurants and bars). Control commands programmable using the TOUCHMAKER interface and local binding can be handled by the LINKMAKER program.

TOUCHLON can be mounted in control cabinets also. Energy consumptions, alarms or temperatures can be displayed and saved on sd-card optional.

MORE RELIABLE CONTROL with the Touch Display

User-friendly and energy efficient control of:

  • Sensor Device functions and Readings
  • Motor/valve positions
  • temperature/heating
  • occupancy/presence monitoring
  • cooling, heater and security
  • and much more


  • User designed interface graphics, graphing and feature controls
  •  LonWorks, BACnet IP, Modbus TCP Server, Modbus RTU Master
  • LON: 4096 network variables, 512 address entries
  • BACnet: 4096 BACnet objects
  • Modbus: 4096 datapoints
  • with DMX for lighting control (optional)
  • inclusive Software TouchMaker 3.1.470 (for free)


  • LON SNVT variables and UNVT (Uservar) useable
  • Scheduling
  • Trending
  • Calendar
  • Alarming (Email alerts)
  • Script programming function


  • Installation: in-wall mounting or installation in switch cabinets
  • Designs: aluminium standard or with rounded edges, acrylic glass black
  • Design on-wall mounting type: plastic design case, lava-grey


  • Remote-Access/VNC
  • WLAN
  • Lakewood Nodes
  • SD-card
  • digital IO’s
  • temperature sensor (external)
  • motion detector (external)
  • hardware option DMX

Ordering data

  • TL-320×240-400-UP-SI (aluminum standard ALWAYS IN STOCK!)
  • TL-320×240-400-UP-SIR (aluminum with rounded edges  *SO)
  • TL-320×240-400-UP-A (acrylic glass black *SO)
  • TL-320×240-400-AP-LG (on-wall mounting type: plastic design case lava-grey *SO)
  • TL-VNC (Remote-Access, Comes standard in US model)
  • TL-WLAN (WLAN-function )
  • TL-SD (SD-card)
  • TL-IO-DIG-xOUT-yIN (IO module, max. 8x digital IO)
  • TL-TMP-DIG (temperature sensor)
  • TL-MD (motion detector)
  • TL-DMX (hardware option DMX)

ALSO available in a 15″ version.

(units with the “*SO” are special order and require 4-6 weeks for delivery)

Contact us for more information about installation, programming and integration into your systems. We can conduct online demonstrations as well.