Boiler Conductivity Sensors

Custom Manufactured, Proven Performance.
Lakewood Instruments boiler conductivity sensor

Boiler Conductivity Sensors

It’s more than an oversized spark plug. Boiler conductivity sensors do the dirty work, day and night in hot, high pressure conditions! This is where over 45 years of manufacturing reliable cost effective conductivity sensors comes in.

Lakewood’s sensor design is clean, crisp and works right every time. We have just the right boiler conductivity sensors for your boiler.


  • SR Sensor, no temperature compensation needed, 500-10,000 microsiemens, rated to 600 psi at 486F.
    • 1167162 – sensor only
    • 1168374 – sensor, conduit elbow, 20′ cable
  • HD SR Sensors, just like the SR but for harsh duty environments, typically higher levels of amines:
    • 1229841 – HD sensor only
    • 1229843 – HD sensor, conduit elbow, 20′ cable
  • SR4, 4 electrode sensor for use with a sample cooler.
    • 1168375 – SR4, 20′ cable

Need a signal transmitter, electronic node, or related fixtures? We’ve got those too, just give us a call.