Cooling Tower Conductivity Sensors

Simple, easy to maintain, reliable.

Cooling Tower Conductivity Sensors

Cooling Tower Conductivity – how basic is that? In order for you as the water treater to focus on your water treatment challenges, though, you need the conductivity sensor to work right, every time. This is where over 45 years of manufacturing reliable cost-effective conductivity sensors comes in.

Coupled with our tees that fit like a glove, you can maintain these sensors in a flash, and get on to more important things.

Our standard 2-electrode sensors have an embedded temperature compensator – so you don’t have to worry about that. The tips are carbon, and they are easy to clean and calibrate. The standard range of operation is 50-10,000 micro siemens.

1167158 – 2 electrodes and 20 feet of cable

1167157 – 2 electrodes and 2.5 feet of cable, good if your sensor and controller are on a mounting plate (close together.)

Need a 2 foot or 4-foot body for a submerged application? No problem, we have that too.

If you are in a high-fouling environment and using a NexSys controller, we can hook you up with 4 electrode sensors too, which work well from 500 – 10,000 micro siemens.

1169202 – 4 electrodes and 20 feet of cable

1167286 – 4 electrodes and 2.5 feet of cable (mounting plate)