Process & Condensate Conductivity Sensors

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543 L with ball valve image

Process & Condensate Conductivity Sensors

For process systems, RO water, or condensate systems, you need more than the standard conductivity sensor, and Lakewood has the right part for you.

The experts at Lakewood will help you find not only the right sensor tip for your needs, but the best configuration for how to mount it and fit your process.

For process or high pressure conductivity, you need a sensor that has the sensitivity to match your water. For that, our 543 series of sensors are just right: four wires makes them compatible with our NexSys controllers (or older 2000 series), and you can get them with a compression fitting or retractable through a ball valve with a body that is 10″, 18″ or 48″ long.

  • 543M – for water ranging from 500-100,000 microsiemens
  • 543L – for water ranging from 100-1000 microsiemens
  • 543LL – for water ranging from 10-500 microsiemens

For RO or Condensate systems, the conductivity is really low. For these systems, we have the right sensor in our 540K line:

  • 540k.1 — for 10-100 microsiemens
  • 540k.01 – for 1-10 microsiemens

Give us a call, we’ll ensure you get just what you need for your system.