New Attitude?

Thanks for visiting our AWT exhibition!

While our commitment to product and service excellence remains, we know our business needed a big refresh. Most importantly our attitudes needed to change. We are focused on water treatment automation solutions, helping our partner customers achieve better heat transfer efficiency, equipment longevity, biological control, and data access. Some of your installations just need a controller on the wall – we can do that. Other installations need maximum automation, integration with site systems, and remote access — we do that too. Our goals include making your time at your customers’ sites as efficient as possible, helping you provide the best services possible. We appreciate being part of your business.

While we automate more of our processes, you can always get a Lakewood rep on the phone, and we strive to have the answers you need.

To our loyal customers, we thank you. Especially in 2020 nothing seems easy and yet we want to make your business easier through better products and service, along with people you trust. If you have stepped away from Lakewood, we welcome you back. Try us again: you’ll get the quality you remember plus a positive difference you can notice right away.

Lloyd Brown
Vice President