Model 150 Boiler Automatic TDS Controller

Reliable boiler control performance, just like your boiler. Get what you need – when what you need is reliability.
Lakewood Instruments Model 150 controller

No one wants to think about their boiler, they just want it to work. You can treat the Model 150 boiler water treatment controller the same way, it just works. And don’t let its simplicity fool you – it has all the control options you need for a great automated system. Three user-configurable relays control boiler surface blowdown plus two chemical feeds.

The Model 150 boiler automatic TDS controller can be paired with either standard or harsh duty conductivity sensors, depending on your chemistry.

Inputs include one water meter, conductivity, and a flow switch. Outputs include the three output relays plus a 4-20 mA output for connectivity to external monitoring systems. Conductivity can be measured through one of three methods: continuous, sample/cycle, and sample-hold. This flexibility gives you the option that best fits your preferences and your system’s requirements.

One of the most common challenges that water treaters have with boiler controllers has nothing to do with the actual controller – it’s steam flash. Lakewood Instruments has all the expertise and plumbing required to prevent steam flash from messing up your control system, let us help you create the system that doesn’t give you any trouble.