NexSys Dual System Controller for Boilers and Cooling Towers

Building Management System connectivity with Lakewood’s color touch screen, datalogging and onboard graphs.
NexSys Controller Image

A NexSys dual system water treatment controller gives you the flexibility you need to be most efficient for each site’s unique needs. This boiler & cooling tower control system is built so each unit can control up to 2 cooling towers or up to 4 boilers – lowering your capital cost for the entire site. You determine the inputs you need for your system, including Conductivity, pH, ORP, Water Meters, Flow Switches, Trace Chemistry, and any 4-20 mA input. Six output relays are standard, and every NexSys may be expanded to ten output relays total.

Sensor inputs connect to Smart Nodes – small circuit boards in a compact design. These nodes become an internal NexSys network that expands as you need it. The nodes can be located as much as 400 meters / 1300 feet from the NexSys controller– giving you flexibility and leveraging the power of this datalog water treatment controller.

From high schools to large commercial buildings, facility engineers use Building Management Systems to collect data from thousands of points throughout their site. The NexSys water treatment controller communicates with BMS systems out of the box, allowing a water treater to become an asset to your customer, integrated into their total systems. Your customers use BMS systems, and NexSys controllers make it easy for you to be a part of their network too.

In late 2020, Lakewood updated the graphical interface for the NexSys systems, giving a more modern appearance, and clarity to the user experience. We have also made some simplifications in the BACnet/IP interface, eliminating the need for external components for Building Management System integration.

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