Model 1520e pH Controller

Get pH control in a simple package. This controller saves time and money, and it just works. Period.
Lakewood Instruments 1530e Controller closeup

In some cooling towers, condensate and process applications, you want precise, automated pH control.

The Model 1520e controller does that and so much more in a simple, easy to set up package – keeping your time on site minimized along with your costs.

The 1520 controller uses four output relays to add acid or base, control valves, and add additional chemicals. You can even schedule up to twelve scheduled chemical feed schedules on a schedule that you set to match the system performance you seek. There is also a 4-20mA output to send the system pH to an external monitor (BMS or another system.)

Process inputs include up to two water meters, two drum switch inputs, pH, flow switch input, and a 4-20 mA input which could be used for a remote pH or other input.

Lakewood Instruments has all the pH probes for your system. From sample line locations to remotely located probes using signal transmitters, we can get your information from your system to the controller, giving you peace of mind. With pH probes for cooling water, condensate, and process/waste applications, we can help you with all your pH control needs. The chemical feed relays can be configured just how you want them – for setpoint control, based on water meter, percent of blowdown, percent of time, or on a scheduled feed basis. Up to twelve scheduled feeds can be configured giving you excellent control of your system. Another excellent output feature is the 4-20mA output, which you can use to send an analog signal of the pH of the system to an external receiver.

Want to go to the next level? Pair your 1520e with Lakewood’s OnSight Remote Access System to get remote monitoring capability including data logs and graphs from anywhere, anytime. The OnSight System gives your customers peace of mind that you are on top of water treatment, even if they don’t want you on their site.

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