Seko Pumps

Lakewood Instruments Pump

Chemical pumps – kind of like an offensive line: you want them to do their job well, cost as little as possible, and get no penalties! Meaning you want them to be affordable, long-lasting, and require low maintenance.

Lakewood offers Seko pumps – proven over many years primarily in Europe and catching on in North America. They are made to be wall-mounted (ask us for a panel) but have a mounting bracket if you want to shelf mount or drum mount. Our most popular unit is the AML-200: rated to 1.3 gallons/hour at 120 psi. Need more (or less?) We have that too.

Want to save time on site? Get 2, 3, or 4 Seko pumps pre-mounted on a Mini-Panel. It creates a clean, simple installation that is easy to maintain.

And take your pumps to the next level by choosing a model that has a digital input to a NexSys or an OnSight Remote Access System for all of our other controllers. You’ll see remotely when that pump has been on, giving you the peace of mind that your water treatment automation is working whether you are there or not.

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