OnSight Remote Access Communications System

Convert existing controllers to remote water monitoring systems for a better experience!
OnSight Remote Access Remote Water Quality Monitoring System

The OnSight Remote Access System converts most existing water treatment controllers into smart water treatment systems with remote monitoring, system graphs, and accessible data logs. These features can be accessed via smartphone, tablet or pc, and provide a secure data link without actual control access to the controller.



Primary Benefits

  • Mobile device friendly
  • Built in web interface
  • Downloadable system graphing & data logs
  • Alarm notification via email or text alert for any unplanned circumstances.
  • Easy setup – allowing you to convert a site-only controller to a true remote data logged system.

With the evolving world of contact tracing, it can be incredibly powerful to know what the basic system parameters are from a remote location. Your service reports can include more data and you will deliver an improved experience for your customer. Convert your existing controller to have remote water quality monitoring by ordering the Onsight Remote Access System today! 

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Onsight Remote Water Quality Monitoring System Overview

remote water quality monitoring

The OnSight system allows you to install remote monitoring without changing the controller at all, keeping your control scheme in place and reducing the cost of this upgrade. 

  • Can handle four 4-20mA analog signals. Our Model 1575e, 140, and 150 controllers just happen to have system conductivity as that type of output signal. 
  • The other 4-20 mA channels can be used for other system parameters – we suggest level transmitters (Echopods) that will let you know your chemical tank levels.
  • Up to four dry-contact digital inputs which can log blowdown valve activation (with the right valve!) or pump operation history.
  • Paired with a 4G router to access the OnSight data directly from your pc, tablet, or phone.

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For more details or questions on how this innovative system can turn your controllers into smart water treatment systems, contact our experts.