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Technical Bulletin: NexSys Controller Sensor change and 140-1575-150-1520 Keypad update

NexSys® controllers

Lakewood Instruments will be converting to the Two Electrode Conductivity sensor effective immediately.

The standard conductivity sensor for the NexSys® product line (cooling tower) going forward will be the 1167157 (or 1167158) two electrode conductivity sensor. The four electrode sensors will still be available for replacement parts or can be ordered separately. To convert an existing unit over, a menu setting, and altered wiring (jumpers) allows the usage of the Two Electrode with any conductivity node (NCON). All units leaving the factory as of March 1st, 2018 will be equipped and pre-configured for the Two Electrode. The NexSys® model configuration information for ordering purposes remains the same.



We have made some basic changes in our supply chain, the manufacturing process, and the timing algorithm that interacts with keystrokes for our units that utilize a physical keypad. These changes were occurring over the last 12 months and have culminated in a new release of firmware for the following models:

Model 140 Cooling tower controller
Model 1575e Cooling tower controller
Model 1520/30 pH or ORP controller
Model 150 Boiler controller.

This firmware (along with the other changes) begins shipping March 1st, 2018.

Non-warranty retrofits are available. Call factory for availability and pricing.