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Technical: WEBNode and Partners Update from Lakewood Instruments


Technology (and the bureaucracy ) caught up with us. Our email cloud service provider changed formats, SMTP addresses and SSL style. What does that mean for you? Your email alerts have gone away. After a lot of back and forth, we have moved away from them, but now your WEBNode needs a  firmware update to work with the new provider.

This update is essential to allow you to use our new cloud server OR use your organizational email server. If you choose to use your email provider, the service must be NON-SSL and able to access the SMTP on port 25.  If you do not understand that last line of techno-babble, your IT person will.

The update will allow you to field modify the service in the future, so the WEBnode will not need to be returned again.

Please call tech service at 414.355.2807 to schedule and return the WEBNode for upgrade.


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Are you or your US based Water Treatment company an active Partner of Lakewood Instruments? Would you like to be?

Our Partners are listed on our website’s PARTNER PAGE (One of the high traffic pages).

We send ALL inquiries about resellers and Water Treatment Service providers to the Partners Page. This means each partner has the opportunity to meet with and engage a customer for NEW Water Treatment service business, besides the guarantee of  selling a controller or spare parts.

How do you or your company become a Partner? Just start reselling Lakewood Instruments Equipment and recommending us first. We get that you cannot use us in every instance, but our partners know that Lakewood reliability, user friendliness, quick delivery, and excellent technical support, increase their profits by saving them time and elevating current customer relationships. And now, we send new business their way.

Call your Lakewood territory sales manager to begin the process of being  partner.

(Only US based members of the Partners Page qualify for our Growth Partners rebate program.  Up to 5% of sales come back as a rebate when they achieve targeted year over year growth).


Oh, one more thing…… See you at the AWT Training Sessions going on in 2014


March 5–9, 2014
Green Valley Ranch
Las Vegas (Henderson), NV
April 23–27, 2014
Omni Severin Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN

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