Updated NexSys Controllers

NexSys Controllers are a great platform for a water treatment automation. With a color touch screen interface, they allow you to easily configure your system then monitor its performance. We have updated our graphics to provide a new look – a cleaner layout with more information displayed where you would expect it to be shown. While there are hundreds of screens in this product, there are a few screen shots below that are worth a look. Want a custom walk through? Sign up below for our 15 minute AWT show webinar on Thursday, October 1, and if you miss it we will send you the notes/video.

NexSys Home Screen

On the Home Screen above, you can see the Tower and Makeup Conductivity clearly presented, along with tank levels on both Chemical 1 and 2. Further, you clearly see pH and ORP readings, along with totalized water meter readings from makeup and blowdown. Along the bottom, you can see the descriptive status of all of the six output relays. One of the more useful graphical updates are the direct links to data from System 2 (assuming this NexSys is controlling water in two cooling towers), and a direct link to “all sensor inputs.” This gets you right where you wish to be – more intuitive.

water treatment controllers setup screen

The Setup screen above is where you would update flow switches and water meters. Note the simple location to change the names of these components – so you can keep the entire system straight! Also, we have retained Lakewood’s simple integration of water meter inputs from Autotrol and paddle-wheel flow meters, saving you time.

NexSys alarm status page

Water treatment controllers automate error handling – and we designed an updated screen to show what alarms are active, and the status can be seen by the simple red/green indicators. As you can see along the bottom, from here you may navigate to the home (process) screen or to the main menu.

We could go on an on, but you get the picture – screens look better, functions are easier to find, etc. Plus, we fixed several issues that were troubling from time to time.