Connectivity Guide

For many installations you need information – at your fingertips. When the client calls with a question or problem, you need the answers fast. Lakewood’s product line covers the entire range of connectivity needs – from the simplest to the most complex. We know your customers expect a wide-ranging of connectivity; let us help you choose the solution that fits best.

Keep It Simple

For the simplest connected solution, consider our OnSight Remote Access System. This is a retrofit solution, meaning you can add it to an existing controller without changing that controller. Perfect for our Model 140, Model 150 or Model 1575e controllers, the OnSight takes the 4-20 mA output from those controllers (conductivity) as an input. Each input connects through a 4G router, and we provide pre-configured data logs, graphs, alarm emails & texts if you want them. The OnSight handles up to 4 analog inputs, so you can add automation to drum levels, several controllers, etc. Further, the base system also handles up to four digital inputs. All these inputs can be logged and accessed remotely from your phone, tablet or pc.

Lakewood OnSight Diagram

Go All The Way!

The NexSys controller accommodates a massive amount of inputs, and it has built-in connectivity to Building Management Systems. We have updated the product so a BMS finds its points easily and without complications. As an additional option, connect a EZ Web Wireless solution to the NexSys, and you can control the entire system remotely. Beyond just monitoring, true remote control access means you can change setpoints, alarms, etc. For your customers who want their water treatment controller to be an object on their system, NexSys makes it as easy as possible.

NexSys Connectivity Diagram