Lakewood History

Our history


Lakewood Founded

Bob Doenges founds the company in Compton, California, and becomes one of the first companies to manufacture Water Treatment Controllers.


First Move to Glendale

Needing to expand, Lakewood moves to Glendale, California.


Osmonics & the Second Move to Glendale

Lakewood is purchased by Osmonics and moved to Glendale, Arizona.


The General

Osmonics is purchased by General Electric to become part of GE Water.


Third Move to Glendale

GE moves the Arizona operations of Osmonics to Glendale, Wisconsin. Because Glendale.



Bill Brink purchases Lakewood Instruments along with Loren Salsman, GM of Lakewood. Bill also owns ETI, manufacturer of the circuit board components of the Lakewood product line. Having run out of cities named Glendale, the company moves to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Product Development

Continued product innovation evolves the 1500-series platform through many changes, the 2000 series forms the basis for the launch of the NexSys controller, being the first controller to seamlessly integrate with Building Management Systems.


Leadership Change

Loren Salsman retires after 30 years with the company, and the firm is now led by Lloyd Brown.