pH Sensors

The right pH sensors for your cooling tower, condensate or waste application.
Lakewood Instruments 5207 pH sensor

Lakewood Instruments uses the latest technology in pH electrode construction. Our innovative differential electrode design of our pH sensors prevents ground loop issues and reduces excessive reliance on the reference electrode connection to the process stream to ensure stable readings. 

With two different body materials, three mounting options and four different glass electrodes, Lakewood Instruments has the water pH sensor to fit your needs. Contact us for help on getting exactly what you need.

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Cooling Tower pH Sensors

For cooling towers, you need to choose the right cooling tower pH sensor to match your Lakewood Controller. There are some subtle differences that will prevent compatibility problems.

For a standard Cooling Tower pH:

  • If you are using a Model 1520e pH controller, you want our 1240472 pH sensor with it’s its PVC body, BNC connector, and 15′ of cable length.

Lakewood Instruments pH sensor

  • If you are using a Model 1575e or NexSys controller, you want our 1269422 pH sensor with the same PVC body but a SMB connector and 10′ cable length.

ph Sensor Lakewood Instruments

For a cooling tower, condensate, or waste application pH sensor for which you want to be specific about the type of glass on the sensor itself, we offer 520 series (BNC connector) and 522 series sensors (SMB connector), which have the options of:

pH Sensor Glass:

  • standard
  • dome glass
  • high sodium glass
  • pure water glass

pH Sensor Body Materials:

  • PVC
  • 316 SS with optional 10″, 18″ or 48″ body

pH Sensor Fitment:

  • Compression Fitting
  • Retractable Ball Valve

If you need a new pH sensor, we have just the right sensor glass, connectors, cables, transmitters, body material, etc. for your application.

Product Benefits 

  • Prevents ground loop problems 
  • Prevents excessive dependence on the reference electrode connection to the process stream
  • Provides stable readings


Model 1240472 pH Sensor 

  • Model: 1240472
  • Includes: 15’ cable, BNC connector and solution ground
  • PVC body
  • Usage: for 1520e pH controller
  • Weight: 3 Ibs

Model 1269422 pH Sensor

  • Model: 1269422
  • Includes: 10’ cable, SMB connector and solution ground
  • PVC body
  • Usage: for NexSys controller and 1575e controller
  • Weight: 1 Ib


  • Cooling Towers
  • Condensate Applications
  • Waste Applications


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