2 Day Turnaround for Lakewood Controllers


         We’re Proud of Our Tech Support.

Made in USA

Lakewood is a proud water treatment controller manufacturer in the USA. If you’ve worked with Lakewood for a while, you know what we mean.

  1. We answer the phone.
  2. We know the answer or find it out fast so you can be up and running.
  3. We go the extra mile to be sure you can focus on satisfying your customer.
  4. We ship most products in 2 days.
  5. We have fun doing it all.

Discover the Lakewood Advantage

Lakewood designs and manufactures the most reliable and user-friendly Cooling Tower/Boiler Conductivity and Chemical Feed Controllers in the industrial/commercial water treatment industry. We also provide control for pH and ORP using numerous user-configurable feed schemes inherent in all of our controllers. At Lakewood, we believe you should be spending time with your customers, or acquiring new ones, NOT making numerous trips to mess with equipment. Get in touch with us & discover the Lakewood advantage.