Lakewood’s water treatment mini-panels, or mini-mounting plates,  are 12″ x 21″ mounting plates with convenient configurations that give you:

      • Clean Appearance – no more messy chemical rooms that are disorganized.
      • Configurable to your customers’ site – you can mix and match panels and arrange them how it makes sense for each installation.
      • Reduced Freight – since these panels are small, we can ship them to you in UPS-sized boxes, just like we have done for years with controllers. No more paying pallet charges, freight rates, etc.
      • Convenient Transportation – once you have these panels, you can deliver them to your customer in the trunk of your car – isn’t that easier?
      • Easy Installation – each mini-panel has four holes at the corners for mounting – just mount to uni-strut, or a stud, or whatever the site accommodates. And since these are small panels, it’s a one-person job.
      • Flexibility – you can purchase a single pump panel with 2, 3, or 4 chemical pumps installed. Similarly, you can configure an injection manifold with 2, 3, or 4 chemical injection tees, and each has a sample port and shutoff valve.

We have sample photos here, showing just what these mini water control panels can look like, along with a mounted controller panel.

Lakewood Instruments Sample Installation

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