Model 140 Controller for Cooling Towers

The Model 140 has three outputs for simple system operation when straightforward automation is all you need.
Lakewood Instruments Model 140 Controller

Model 140 Controller for Cooling Towers

Sometimes simpler really is better – and the Model 140 Cooling Tower Controller does exactly what you need it to do. Featuring three output relays (typically one for bleed and two for chemical feeds), the 140 uses simple to follow programming to make your on-site time efficient.

Inputs include conductivity, one flow switch and one water meter. The NEMA 4X enclosure opens wide for easy wiring and troubleshooting.

The Model 140 controller can control conductivity plus two chemical feeds.

Controller inputs include one water meter, conductivity and one flow switch. The three output relays are rated at 3 amps each with a total of 10 amps maximum. Further, there a 4-20 mA output you can use to send the system conductivity to a monitoring system.

Available as the controller alone or configured with conductivity, flow switch, plumbing and on a mounting plate, Lakewood makes your job easier. System setup is easy using the menus already on board, with simple directions and options. Blowdown your system with setpoint control, and manage the other relays based on blowdown percent, water meter inputs, or even biocide feed schedule with up to six feeds programmable. Further, relays 2 & 3 can be programmed as alarm relays to notify you in case of an excursion.

Want to go to the next level? Pair your 1575e with Lakewood’s OnSight Remote Access System to get remote monitoring capability including data logs and graphs from anywhere, anytime. The OnSight System gives your customer peace of mind that you are on top of water treatment, even if they don’t want you on their site.

Model 140 Cooling Tower Cutsheet

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