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Lakewood Announces PTSA Sensor and Systems Price Reduction in 2017 Catalog

PTSA Sensor and Systems Price Reduction Update

1575e Mounted on plate with trace

We are pleased to announce this pricing change going into August and beyond. Whether your system requires an individual PTSA sensor,  an add-on to an existing Lakewood Instruments controller, or a complete system package, we can now offer competitive pricing to our customers for the Turner Little Dipper  2 (LD2). The most current 2017 catalog (download PDF) has been updated to reflect these changes. Pricing is effective as of 7-27-2017 for the remainder of the year.

1269338 1575E WITH TRACE (incl: Cntrl, all plumb, Iso, Power supply, All sensors) 4,695.00 4,135.00 W
1269324 1575E TRACE SENSOR ADAPT KIT  (incl Sensor, Plumb, Iso, Power supply, box) 2,468.00 2,079.00 R
1269325 NexSys TRACE KIT WITH NODE (Incl: N420I node, Sensor, Power supply, box, prewire terminal) 2,909.00 2,320.00 R
1269450 NexSys TRACE KIT W/O  NODE (incl Sensor, Power supply, box, prewire terminal) 2,414.00 1,782.00 R
1269301 TRACE SENSOR LD2 (Sensor only with Plumb) 2,368.00 1,434.00 R

If you have any questions, please call us at 414.355.2807 between 7:30 AM and 5 PM CST.