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Trace Upgrade for Systems (1575e and NexSys)



1575e Mounted on plate with trace

The Trace Sensor Kit is used for additional Trace Chemistry control to the Lakewood Instruments model 1575e and NexSys® Systems cooling tower controllers.  The Trace Mounted Sensor Kit includes an Inline Fluorometer, an inline tee, a pre-wired isolator, a power supply, and a calibration cell.

The Inline Fluorometer is a low cost, compact fluorometer designed for monitoring of fluorescent dyes in industrial water systems. Integration of the inline Fluorometer into your 1575e automation system enables monitoring of fluorescent trends in real time for better control of your cooling water chemistry. The fluorometer is designed as a rugged, 24/7 device providing maximum performance, minimal maintenance and solid-state reliability.



Trace Mounted Sensor Kit shown with a

Model 1575e Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Controller on A Mounting Plate

1575e Displaying Trace PPM 1575e Displaying Trace setpoint range




  •  Includes a single-channel fluorometer that provides a 4-20 mA analog signal output that is directly proportional to the concentration of your traced chemistry.
  • Solid-state LED/Photodiode technology, no moving parts
  • A low maintenance design to provide trouble-free performance.
  • Includes a pre-wired isolator to eliminate power supply interference.
  • Includes an in-line tee for use in light industrial environments.
  • Includes a second tee to be used for calibration purposes without having to remove the in-line tee.
  • Works with  PTSA fluorescent dye
  • Probe output is pre-calibrated (base and slope) at 200 ppb trace @20mA. Using a 1 to1000 PTSA mix equates to 100 ppb of trace equaling 100 ppm of chemical in system.



  •  Easy to add to the Lakewood Instruments Model 1575e and the NexSys® Series cooling tower controllers in the field.  Firmware upgrade allows older 1575e units to accept this new technology.  Note: Signal Conditioning is not available when used with the 2000e Series of controllers.
  • Easy to transition to Trace Chemistry Control using Lakewood Instruments control schemes.
  • Installs into your process flow with a PVC tee.
  • Comes preset and aligned at the factory.


Material PVC Type 1   Range (Calibrated)     0 – 200 ppb (Trace)
Threading 1 Inch NPTF   Output Signal     4-20 mA
Max Pressure 100 psi   Input Voltage     8 TO 30 vdc
Max Temperature 140°f (60°C)

Ordering information

1269324 1575e Trace sensor kit 1269325 2000e Series Trace Sensor Kit
pn 1269324 pn 1269325 
1269326 1575e Trace Connection Kit (No Probe ot Tee) 1269327 2000e Trace Connection Kit (No Probe or Tee) 1269301 Trace Sensor 1269329 Trace Probe Calibration Cell
pn 1269326 pn 1269327 pn 1269301 pn 1269329

1269324           157e Trace Sensor Kit Includes Inline Fluorometer, the 1575e Trace Connection/Isolation Kit, an Inline Tee, and a Calibration Cell.

1269325          NexSys Series Trace Sensor Kit Includes Inline Fluorometer, the 2000e Trace Connection Kit, an Inline Tee, and a Calibration Cell.

1269326          1575e Trace Connection Kit Includes Isolator and Power Supply (NOTE: Fluorometer and Tee not included)

1269327          NexSys Series Trace Connection Kit Includes a N420I and a Power Supply.  (NOTE: Fluorometer and Tee not included, the 2000e Series controller must have the –NIN option installed.)

1269301          Inline Fluorometer.

1269328          In-Line Tee

1269329          Calibration Cell

1269330          PTSA, 1 gallon, 10%


1269324            1575e Trace Sensor Kit

1269325            NexSys Trace Sensor Kit

1269326            1575e Trace Connection Kit

1269327            NexSys Trace Connection Kit

1269301            Inline Fluorometer

1269328            In-Line Tee

1269329            Calibration Cell

1269330            PTSA, 1 Gallon, 10%