This Just In! NEW Affordable Water Treatment Controller

3175 image

We are so excited to show you our NEW, Affordable Model 3175 Controller. Debuted at the AWT, (Association of Water Technologies) show in Providence RI, this updated controller with a touchscreen and data logging features is sure to make a splash.

Couldn’t make it? Don’t worry! Here is the short version:

  • Five Output Relays – one more than our very popular 1575e controller. This means you can easily use one for bleed valve, one for inhibitor, two for biocides, and one for pH control. You asked and we listened.
  • Touch Screen Control – our touch screen feels just like a tablet – fast, bright, big, and awesome. You’ll love it.
  • Lakewood Navigation – tired of learning new ways to set up a controller? We have kept the simple layout and navigation of our 1500-series controllers for the 3175. That means you already know how to set it up, how to control your water treatment system.
  • Flexibility – beyond cooling tower conductivity, the 3175 has one 4-20 mA input you can use for cycles of concentration, pH, ORP, or trace chemistry control.  And the 3175 can be used for cooling towers, boilers, or process applications.
  • Data Logging – this baby keeps a record of how the system has been performing, and you can download the data yourself or have it emailed to yourself. And you can look like a hero to your customer!
  • Alarm notifications – you can choose to set up your email or text on the controller so that it lets you know when the controller is detecting an alarm condition. Very cool.

The Model 3175 is available for shipment now – we are taking orders today!