Boiler Lay Up Procedures

It’s finally spring! Your customers may lay up their boilers for the season, and you should know what’s important for the automation equipment as well as the entire system. Boiler lay up procedures are easy – here are some quick tips!

  • Disable output relays from the controller. You are trying to avoid any cycling of Motorized Ball Valves while the system is not running. You can remove the jumper from the controller terminal block, or just power down the controller itself.
  • Conductivity sensors – the tips are stainless steel, so you can leave the sensor in place during lay up. Be sure, however, to clean the sensor tips thoroughly before the boiler system is restarted!
  • Condensate – pH sensors:  Your best bet is to remove the pH sensor from the system and store it with a cap on the probe tip. Sensor tips need to be wet at all times, and you should store that tip in storage solution or pH 4 buffer solution. Be sure NOT to use DI or distilled water, as either will leach out chemicals from the sensor assembly.

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