Spring Cooling Tower Start-up Tips

Lakewood Instruments Water Image

It is recommended that the cooling tower system is cleaned according to       ASHRAE Guideline 12-2000

Perform Component Maintenance and Check Sensor Response

Pull out and clean the conductivity sensor, pH/ORP sensor(s) and flowswitch float.

Use a soft steel brush with alcohol or 10% muriatic acid to clean the conductivity sensor tips.

Use a soft cotton Q-tip with alcohol or 10% muriatic acid to clean the glass on pH/ORP sensors.

While the sensors are out of the system, subject them to two separate buffer solutions and verify the controller reading changes accordingly.  Replace any sensors that have failed over the winter.

Clean the flowswitch float with 10% muriatic acid to remove any scale and clean any debris or sludge from the plumbing housing.  Make sure the float moves freely up and down in the housing.  At the same time, you can check that the controller registers flow when the float body is towards the top of the housing and no flow when sitting all the way down.

Inspect the O-ring on each and replace if necessary.  Be sure to lubricate the new or existing O-rings with silicone before reinstalling.  

Flush the strainer if you may have one in the system.

Calibrate the sensors to the system water.  Check out the blog on calibration here.

Test Connected Equipment

Manually override relay outputs and verify that the connected device operates as expected.  Verify that the blowdown valve opens and closes completely and smoothly.  Make sure that chemical pumps are primed if not self-priming.

Verify Controller Settings

Check the relay configurations and setpoints to ensure they haven’t been inadvertently changed.

Lakewood Instruments 1530e Controller closeup

Enjoy Spring!

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